Childrens Luxury Sleepovers

Give your child the Sleepover of their dreams.

We will set up the sleeping room with individual tents and all sleeping apparatus.  Complete decoration of room to compliment your chosen theme.  Luxury Party Gift Bag for each guest which includes Personalised Pyjamas.  Snacks and Drinks. Individual Breakfast Trays with a range of breakfast choices.

An extensive range of themes are available including:=

Art & Crafts, Beach Party, Carnival, Fashion Show Catwalk Party, Frozen, Glow In The Dark, Harry Potter, Indoor Camping/Glamping, It’s A Sleepover Get Out of Here, Minecraft, Minnions, Music Festival, Red Carpet Movie Awards Night, Spa/Pamper, Sports, Theatre Production and many others

We offer a totally bespoke service to meet your childs requirements